Keyholding & Rental Services

Are you the proud owner of a holiday home on the Costa Blanca North?

Do you want to fully enjoy your property, but also make use of the rental potential?

Do you want your investment to pay off without worries, even when you are not there?

Then you are at the right place at Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria!

As a Flemish real estate agent, located in the Costa Blanca North, we help you with all aspects, and this in your own language.

Because renting is more than just placing an ad!


To be able to rent out your stay, a number of conditions must be met and an administrative path must be followed.

Most owners are put off by this, and often end up in illegal rental, with serious consequences.

That is why Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria helps you with the start-up procedure, so that you no longer have these concerns, and you are in order with all legal matters.

Just think of checking rentability, applying for a mandatory rental license, mandatory rental badge, complaints book, etc.

When this is over, we can get started!


With just a message on Facebook you will not easily attract new customers.

At Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria we promote your stay through various channels, and with our regular customers.

Of course your stay is offered through our rental website. If desired, you can opt to have the entire settlement done via Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria, so that you do not have to worry about the bookings. We offer various options, and everything is negotiable (if, for example, you want to keep certain matters in your own hands).


If you are not always present to receive your guests, Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria will gladly take over from you. Your guests are received with open arms and shown your way in your home. Guests are checked in according to the rules and informed of the rights and obligations that apply when renting your holiday home.

After checking out, the necessary checks are of course carried out and the administration is completed.

Final cleaning can also be provided.

Everything is neatly reported to you, as the owner.


Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria is also available when there is no rental. With key management you are assured that keys are always present, if necessary (forgotten on arrival, emergencies, ..)

The necessary checks are regularly made of the house (leaks, burglary, mail, maintenance, …)

You will notice, there is a lot involved if you want to rent out in the right way.

If you would like more detailed information, we would be happy to make an appointment for a no-obligation consultation.

Depending on YOUR wishes, Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria makes a custom price (fixed or variable).

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