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This is why Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria is your best option!

Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria is a pure Belgian (Flemish) real estate agency, covering the Costa Blanca North, specialized in New Developments in all Costa Blanca. Also we guide you with the sale of your property, renting or letting a holiday home or permanent home.

The agency was founded in 2016 by Christoph Hilderson and Christophe De Schepper, who have been active as entrepreneurs in Ostend (Belgium) for 15 years.

There is a big difference between the purchase of a holiday home, an investment for renting or a permanent home.

Our experience focuses on each of these 3 categories and ensures that you don’t make a bad purchase.
After your purchase, you can also contact us for the possible rental of your home.

In addition to a range of existing homes, Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria also offers popular new construction projects, and will guide you through the entire purchase process.

We bring you SAFE and SECURE to the property you are looking for …

Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria will guide you through your purchase from A to Z:

  • We give advice adapted to the profile of the customer who decides to live or stay abroad for a long time. This is not the same as going on holidays for a few weeks BUT feeling good with a holiday feeling in a region for the rest of your life!
  • We bring you to the right people and to the right place where the property you are looking for is located.
  • We complete your purchase until all administrative obligations are in order to involve the property without any worries, including notary and taxes.
  • We do the preparatory work.
  • We can take care of your NIE number, bank account number, at the bank of your choice, direct debit for the utility lines, internet connection, …
  • We work with a renowned GestorĂ­a and law firms for all legal, tax and financial settlements.

Your dream can come true …. together with Costa Belgica Inmobiliaria!

If you are a Belgian-based Real Estate Agency, we might be interested in collaborating for sales and new-build projects. Feel free to contact us.

Meet our Team

Christoph Hilderson
General Manager
Christoph Hilderson
General Manager
Christophe De Schepper
Marketing Manager
Christophe De Schepper
Marketing Manager

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After giving our preferences and wishes, we found our house in about 2 weeks time. Great service.
by Kenya Soval
As house owners we found the best tenants possible in a short time. CBI did all the paperwork without worries for us.
by Kathleen Peterson
We were searching for a long term rental and were helped very well. We viewed around 10 houses that suited our needs. All went very smooth. Thanks!
by Roy Halford

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